Possono essere usate con o senza pane, nelle preparazione di dolci, salse mousse e di pietanze creative.
COME: in purezza, spalmate sul pane, in accompagnamento a ingredienti salati, come base di creme per dolci, salse, ricette di primi piatti e dessert, come sfizio in accompagnamento a caffè, thé, o frutta.
QUANDO: a colazione, a merenda, a cena e dopo cena.
PER CHI: per bambini di tutte le età, adulti, golosi, vegani, sportivi e salutisti.
DOVE: a casa, al mare, in montagna, a scuola, in ufficio, ovunque ne abbiate voglia, è sempre il luogo ideale.

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Chocolate orange cake, good to dunk

I wanted to make a light and tasty cake, suitable to be soaked into the coffee in the morning. I had a box of cakes mixes, they are very useful to get a good result in a short time, do not contain unhealthy things and are ready to be used with fresh ingredients. But I added some other things too…I had a box of fine ground cornmeal at home, one day I’ll use it for corn biscuits (Meliga biscuits) but this time I really wanted a soft cake. And I had the Chocolate cream of Cioccolato Italiano to try, so I took this fantastic opportunity… And here is my tasty cake! Ingredients: 120 g of cakes mixes 70 g of fine ground cornmeal 2 eggs 1 cuo of soya milk 1/2 cup of natural yoghurt 2 spoon of almond flour 1 tsp of stevia sweetener 4-5 tsp of chocolate cream Cioccolato Italiano 2 tsp of orange zest Procedure: Whip eggs in a container, add yoghurt and mix. Add different flours, orange zest, sweetener, and milk. Stir until the mixture is soft. Butter and flour a tin baking hinged, pour the mixture and add the chocolate cream sliding it from the tsp over the dough. Bake the cake at 180° for 20-25 minutes, then let it cool and cover with icing sugar. HAVE A NICE TIME!